In December 1977.


In December 1977, “Polydor” label released “Before and After Science”, the fifth Brian Eno studio album.It was recorded in 1977, at “Basing Street Studios” in London, and “Conny’s Studio” in Cologne, and was produced by Brian Eno and Rhett Davies.


  • Brian Eno – voices, synthesizers, guitar, synthesised percussion, piano,  brass, vibes, metallics, bell, cover design
  • Phil Manzanera – rhythm guitar
  • Robert Fripp – guitar
  • Fred Frith – modified guitar, cascade guitars
  • Kurt Schwitters – voice
  • Achim Roedelius– grand piano, electric piano
  • Paul Rudolph– bass, rhythm guitar, harmonic bass
  • Percy Jones– fretless bass, analogue delay bass
  • Möbi Moebius – bass Fender piano
  • Bill MacCormick – bass
  • Brian Turrington – bass
  • Rhett Davies – a gong-gong, stick
  • Phil Collins – drums
  • Jaki Liebezeit– drums
  • Dave Mattacks – drums
  • Shirley Williams (Robert Wyatt) – brush timbales, time
  • Andy Fraser– drums
  • Rhett Davies – engineer
  • Conny Plank– engineer
  • Dave Hutchins – engineer
  • Cream – artwork
  • Peter Schmidt– art prints
  • Ritva Saarikko – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Brian Eno, except where noted.

  1. No One Receiving
  2. Backwater
  3. Kurt’s Rejoinder
  4. Energy Fools the Magician – arranged by Percy Jones and Brian Eno
  5. King’s Lead Hat
  6. Here He Comes
  7. Julie With …
  8. By This River – Brian Eno, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Dieter Moebius
  9. Through Hollow Lands (for Harold Budd) – arranged by Fred Frith and Brian Eno
  10. Spider and I


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