On June 15, 1987.

Radio Kaos

On June 15, 1987, “EMI” label released “Radio K.A.O.S.”, the second Roger Waters studio album. It was recorded October – December 1986, at the “Billiard Room” in London, and was produced by Roger Waters, Ian Ritchie, and Nick Griffiths.


  • Roger Waters– vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, shakuhachi
  • Graham Broad– percussion, drums
  • Mel Collins– saxophones
  • Nick Glennie-Smith– DX7 and Emu
  • Matt Irving– Hammond organ
  • John Lingwood– drums
  • Andy Fairweather Low– electric guitars
  • Suzanne Rhatigan– main background vocals
  • Ian Ritchie– piano, keyboards, tenor saxophone, Fairlight programming, drum programming
  • Jay Stapley– electric guitars
  • John Phirkell – trumpet
  • Peter Thoms – trombone
  • Katie Kissoon, Doreen Chanter, Madeline Bell, Steve Langer, Vicki Brown– background vocals
  • Clare Torry– vocals
  • Paul Carrack– vocals
  • Paul Batchelor – assistant engineer
  • Noel Davis – choirmaster
  • Kate Hepburn – cover design
  • Eric Jones – choir arrangement
  • Chris Sheldon– engineer
  • Kevin Whyte – assistant engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Roger Waters.

  1. Radio Waves
  2. Who Needs Information
  3. Me or Him
  4. The Powers That Be
  5. Sunset Strip
  6. Home
  7. Four Minutes
  8. The Tide is Turning


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