On June 15, 1989.


On June 16, 1989, “Sub Pop” label released “Bleach”, the debut Nirvana studio album. It was recorded January 1988 – January 1989 at “Reciprocal Recording” in Seattle, Washington, and was produced by Jack Endino. “Bleach” has been certified Platinum in the UK by the “BPI” and Platinum in the US in 1995, by the “RIIA”. It is the best selling “Sub Pop” release so far.


  • Kurt Kobain – vocals, guitar
  • Chris Novoselic – bass
  • Chad Channing– drums
  • Jason Everman- guitar
  • Dale Crover– drums
  • Tracy Marander – photography
  • Charles Peterson– photography
  • Lisa Orth – design
  • Jane Higgins – execution

Track listing:

All tracks by Kurt Cobain, except where noted.

  1. Blew
  2. Floyd the Barber
  3. About a Girl
  4. School
  5. Paper Cuts
  6. Negative Creep
  7. Scoff
  8. Swap Meet
  9. Moustache
  10. Sifting

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