On May 25, 1973.


On May 25, 1973, “Virgin” label released “Flying Teapot”, the fourth Gong album. It was recorded in January 1973, at “The Manor Studios” in Oxford, and was produced by Giorgio Gomelsky. In the “Q” & “Mojo” magazines “Classic Special Edition Pink Floyd & The Story of Prog Rock”, “Flying Teapot” was ranked at number 35 on the list of the “40 Cosmic Rock Albums”.


  • Daevid Allen– vocals, guitar
  • Gilli Smyth– vocals
  • Tim Blake– keyboards, vocals
  • Didier Malherbe– saxes, flute
  • Steve Hillage– guitar
  • Christian Tritsch– guitar
  • Francis Moze– keyboards, bass guitar
  • Laurie Allan– drums
  • Rachid Houari – percussion

Track listing:

  1. Radio Gnome Invisible – Daevid Allen
  2. Flying Teapot – Daevid Allen, Francis Moze
  3. The Pot Head Pixies – Daevid Allen
  4. The Octave Doctors And The Crystal Machine – Tim Blake
  5. Zero The Hero And The Witch’s Spell – Daevid Allen, Tim Blake, Christian Tritsch
  6. Witch’s Song/I Am Your Pussy – Gill Smyth, Daevid Allen

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