On May 17, 1973.


On May 17, 1973, “Mercury” label released self – titled, debut  Bachman–Turner Overdrive album. It was recorded 1972 – 1973, and was produced by Randy Bachman, Tim bachman, F. Turner, Robbie Bachman, Barry Keane and Will MacCalder.


  • Randy Bachman – lead and backing vocals, lead guitar, design
  • Tim Bachman- lead, co-lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar
  • F. Turner- lead and backing vocals, bass
  • Robbie Bachman- drums, percussion
  • Barry Keane- congas
  • Will MacCalder- piano
  • Garry Peterson- percussion, drums, backing vocals
  • Dave Slagter, Mark Smith – engineer
  • Tom “Curly” Ruf – mastering
  • Allan Moy – technician
  • Jim Ladwig – art direction
  • Joe Kotleba – booklet design
  • Parviz Sadighian – booklet design
  • Ed Caraeff – photography
  • Tom Zamiar – photography

Track listing:

  1. Gimme Your Money Please – F. Turner
  2. Hold Back the Water- Randy Bachman, Rob Bachman, Kirk Kelly
  3. Blue Collar – F. Turner
  4. Little Gandy Dancer – Randy Bachman
  5. Stayed Awake All Night – Randy Bachman
  6. Down and Out Man – Tim Bachman, R.B. Charles
  7. Don’t Get Yourself in Trouble – Randy Bachman
  8. Thank You for the Feelin’ – F. Turner

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