On March 30, 1979.


On March 30, 1979, “Virgin” label released “Secondhand Daylight”, the second Magazine studio album. It was recorded in January 1979, at “Good Earth Studios” in London and “Virgin Records” mobile studio, which was used at “Farmyard Studios”, and was produced by Colin Thurston and Tony Wilson.


  • Howard Devoto– vocals
  • John McGeoch– guitar, saxophone, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Dave Formula– keyboards
  • Barry Adamson– bass, backing vocals
  • John Doyle– drums, percussion
  • Colin Thurston–  engineer
  • JJ Allom – engineer
  • Bill Aitken – engineer
  • Ian Pollock – illustration
  • Richard Rayner-Canham – photography
  • Malcolm Garrett– typography, images

Track listing:

  1. Feed the Enemy – Dave Formula
  2. Rhythm of Cruelty – John McGeoch, Barry Adamson
  3. Cut-Out Shapes – Howard Devoto
  4. Talk to the Body – John McGeoch
  5. I Wanted Your Heart – Dave Formula, Barry Adamson
  6. The Thin Air – Howard Devoto, John McGeoch
  7. Back to Nature – Dave Formula
  8. Believe That I Understood – Howard Devoto, Barry Adamson
  9. Permafrost – Howard Devoto

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