On March 30, 1977.


On March 30, 1977, “Motown” label released the self – titled, fifth Commodores album. It was recorded 1976-1977, and was produced by James Anthony Carmichael, Lionel Richie, Thomas McClary, Milan Williams, Ronald Lapread and William King.


  • Lionel Richie- vocals, saxophone, keyboards
  • Thomas McClary – vocals, guitar
  • Milan Williams- keyboards
  • Ronald LaPread – bass guitar
  • Walter Orange – vocals, drums, percussion
  • William King – trumpet

Track listing:

  1. Squeeze the Fruit – Walter Orange
  2. Funny Feelings – Lionel Richie, Thomas McClary
  3. Heaven Knows – Lionel Richie, Thomas McClary
  4. Zoom – Lionel Richie, Ronald LaPread
  5. Won’t You Come Dance with Me – Lionel Richie, Thomas McClary
  6. Brick House – Shirley Hanna-King, Lionel Richie, Milan Williams, Walter Orange, Ronald LaPread, Thomas McClary, William King
  7. Funky Situation – William King
  8. Patch It Up – Milan Williams
  9. Easy – Lionel Richie

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