On January 4, 1983.


On January 4, 1983, “RCA” label released “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”, the second Eurythmics studio album. It was recorded  February – September 1982, and was produced by David A. Stewart, Adam Williams and Robert Crash. It featured some of the band’s most popular songs (Love is a Stranger, I’ve Got an Angel, Sweet Dreams) and was Eurythmics breakthrough album.


  • Annie Lennox– vocals, keyboards, synthesisers, flute
  • David A. Stewart– guitar, keyboards, synthesisers, programming, backing vocals
  • Robert Crash– guitar, E-drums, synth/ robotic vocals
  • Green Gartside – vocal duet
  • Dick Cuthell– trumpet
  • Adam Williams– bass, synthesiser
  • Andy Brown– bass
  • Reynard Falconer– synthesisers
  • John Turnbull– guitar

All tracks by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart, except where noted.

  1. Love Is a Stranger
  2. I’ve Got an Angel
  3. Wrap It Up – Isaac Hayes, David Porter
  4. I Could Give You (A Mirror)
  5. The Walk
  6. Sweet Dreams (Are made of This)
  7. Jennifer
  8. This is the House
  9. Somebody Told me
  10. This City Never Sleeps

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