On December 10, 1970.


On December 10, 1970, “Polydor” label released “Ginger Baker’s Air Force 2”, the second and final Ginger Baker’s Air Force album. It was recorded May – October, 1970, at the “Trident Studios” and “Olympic Studios” in London, and was produced by Ginger Baker, Rick Grech, Denny Laine & Graham Bond.


  • Ginger Baker: drums, timpani, tubular bells, African drums, vocals
  • Ken Craddock: guitars, Hammond organ, piano, vocals
  • Colin Gibson: bass guitar
  • Graham Bond: alto saxophone, Hammond organ, piano, vocals
  • Steve Gregory: tenor saxophone, flutes
  • Bud Beadle: baritone, alto & tenor saxophones
  • Diane Stewart: vocals
  • Catherine James: vocals
  • Neemoi “Speedy” Acquaye: drums, percussion, African drums
  • Denny Laine: guitars, piano, vocals
  • Rick Grech: bass guitar
  • Harold McNair: tenor & alto saxophones, flutes
  • Aliki Ashman: vocals
  • Rocki Dzidzornu: percussion, conga

Track listing:

  1. Let Me Ride – Roebuck Staples
  2. Sweet Wine – Ginger Baker, Janet Godfrey
  3. Do U No Hu Yor Phrenz R? – Ginger Baker
  4. We Free Kings – Ginger Baker
  5. I Don’t Want to Go on Without You – Bert Berns, Jerry Wexler
  6. Toady – Ginger Baker
  7. 12 Gates of the City – Graham Bond



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