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In May 1971.

In May 1971, “Dunhill” label released the self-titled, debut Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds album. It was recorded in 1971, and was produced by Steve Barri.


  • Dan Hamilton – lead and backing vocals, guitar
  • Joe Frank Carollo – lead and backing vocals, bass
  • Tom Reynolds – lead and backing vocals, flute solo, vibe solo, keyboards

Track listing:

  1. Goin’ Down – Dennis Lambert, Brian Potter, Arthur Butler
  2. Annabella – Christian Arnold, David Martin, Geoff Morrow
  3. Sweet Pain – Christian Arnold, David Martin, Geoff Morrow
  4. It Takes the Best – Tom Reynolds, Dan Hamilton
  5. Don’t Refuse My Love – Tom Reynolds, Joe Frank Carollo
  6. Long Road – Dennis Lambert, Brian Potter
  7. Don’t Pull Your Love Out – Dennis Lambert, Brian Potter
  8. What Can You Say – Tom Reynolds
  9. Behold – Campbell, James
  10. Young, Wild and Free – Tom Reynolds
  11. Nora – Tom Reynolds

On December 5, 1995.

On December 5, 1995, “Epic” label released “Merkin Ball”, a two-song single  by Pearl Jam. The single features Neil Young and is a companion to his 1995 album, “Mirror Ball”. It was recorded February 7 – 10, 1995, at “Bad Animals” in Seattle, Washington, and was produced by Brett Eliason.


  • Eddie Vedder– vocals, guitar
  • Jeff Ament– bass guitar
  • Jack Irons– percussion, drums
  • Neil Young– vocals, guitar, pump organ
  • Brendan O’Brien– bass guitar
  • Joel Bernstein– portraits
  • Brett Eliason – engineering, mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Eddie Vedder.

  1. I Got Id
  2. Long Road