On May 12, 2017.

On May 12, 2017, “Orange Twin” label released “Twitching in Time”, the thirteenth Elf Power album.


  • Andrew Rieger – vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion, flute, zanzithophone
  • Laura Carter – vocals, keyboards, Moog synthesizer, zanzithophone, loops
  • Matthew Garrison – vocals, bass
  • Peter Alvanos – vocals, drums, percussion
  • Davey Wrathgabar – vocals, guitars

Track listing:

All tracks by Andrew Rieger except where noted.

  1. Halloween Out Walking
  2. Ten Dollars on the Ground
  3. Watery Shreds – Laura Carter
  4. The Cat Trapped in the Wall
  5. Sniper in the Balcony
  6. All Things Combined
  7. In a Room
  8. Too Many Things in My Hands
  9. Cycling Aimlessly
  10. Cold Vines
  11. Twitching in Time
  12. Melted Down
  13. Withered Husk
  14. Gorging on the Feast

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