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On July 6, 1999.

On July 6, 1999, “Portrait” label released “Can’t Get There from Here”, the ninth Great White studio album. It was recorded May – June 1998, at “710 Studios”, “Redondo Beach” and “The Barn Studio” in Santa Rosa, California, and was produced by Jack Blades and Don Dokken.


  • Jack Russell- lead and backing vocals, percussion
  • Mark Kendall- guitar, percussion, backing vocals
  • Michael Lardie- guitar, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals, engineer
  • Sean McNabb– bass
  • Audie Desbrow– drums
  • Jack Blades– backing vocals
  • Rob Easterday, Ken Koroshetz – assistant engineers
  • Noel Golden – mixing
  • David Donnelly – mastering
  • Hooshik – art direction
  • Paul McPhee– cover art concept, cover art
  • Stephen Stickler – photography
  • Jim Warren– cover art

Track listing:

  1. Rollin’ Stoned – Michael Lardie, Jack Russell, Jack Blades
  2. Ain’t No Shame – Michael Lardie, Jack Russell, Don Dokken, Jack Blades
  3. Silent Night – Jack Russell, Michael Lardie, Jack Blades
  4. Saint Lorraine – Jack Russell, Michael Lardie, Jack Blades
  5. In the Tradition – Gary Burr, Jack Blade
  6. Freedom Song – Mark Kendall, Jack Russell, Michael Lardie
  7. Gone to the Dogs – Jack Russell, Mark Kendall, Michael Lardie, Don Dokken
  8. Wooden Jesus – Michael Lardie, Jack Russell, Don Dokken
  9. Sister Mary – Michael Lardie, Alan Niven
  10. Loveless Age – Jack Russell, Michael Lardie, Jack Blades
  11. Psychedelic Hurricane – Jack Russell, Todd Griffin, Tim Henley
  12. Hey Mister – Jack Russell, Michael Lardie