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Saga: Images at Twilight

In May 1979, “Polydor” label released “Images at Twilight”, the second Saga studio album. It was recorded in 1979, at “Phase One Studios” in Toronto, Canada, and was produced by Paul A. Gross.


  • Michael Sadler – lead vocals, keyboards, Moog synthesizer, bass guitar
  • Ian Crichton – acoustic and electric guitars
  • Gregg Chadd – keyboards, Moog synthesizer, vocoder, backing vocals
  • Jim Crichton – bass guitar, Moog Taurus bass synthesizer
  • Steve Negus – drums, percussion
  • Alan Thorne, Mick Walsh – recording
  • Mark Wright – re-mix
  • Jeff Stobbs, Robin Brouwers – re-mix assistant
  • Zoran Busic – graphic concept, design
  • Tony Roberts – (Young Artists, London) – cover illustration

Track listing:

  1. It’s Time (Chapter Three) – Jim Crichton, Ian Crichton, Greg Chadd, Steve Negus, Michael Sadler
  2. See Them Smile – Jim Crichton
  3. Slow Motion – Michael Sadler, Jim Crichton
  4. You’re Not Alone – Jim Crichton, Ian Crichton, Steve Negus, Peter Rochon
  5. Take It or Leave It – Michael Sadler, Jim Crichton
  6. Images (Chapter One) – Jim Crichton, Michael Sadler
  7. Hot to Cold – Michael Sadler, Peter Rochon
  8. Mouse in a Maze – Jim Crichton, Steve Negus, Peter Rochon