The Spencer Davis Group: With Their New Faces On

In April 1968, “United Artists” label released “With Their New Face On”, the fourth Spencer Davis Group (The) studio album. It was recorded in 1967, and was produced by Mike Hurst, Spencer Davis and Eddie Hardin.


  1. Phil Sawyer – lead and co-lead vocals, lead guitar
  2. Ray Fenwick – lead vocals, lead guitar
  3. Eddie Hardin – lead vocals, keyboards
  4. Spencer Davis – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  5. Charlie McCracken – bass, backing vocals
  6. Pete York – drums, percussion

Track listings:

All tracks by Spencer Davis and Eddie Hardin except where noted.

  1. With His New Face On
  2. Mr. Second Class
  3. Alec in Transit Land – Spencer Davis, Eddie Hardin, Kirk Duncan, Pete York
  4. Sanity Inspector
  5. Feel Your Way
  6. Morning Sun – Spencer Davis, Eddie Hardin, Kirk Duncan, Nicky James
  7. Moonshine – Spencer Davis, Eddie Hardin, Pete York
  8. Don’t Want You No More
  9. Time Seller
  10. Stop Me, I’m Falling

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