Shania Twain: Same

On April 20, 1993, “Polygram,” and “Mercury” label released the self-titled, debut Shania Twain studio album. It was recorded 1992 – 1993, and was produced by Harold Shedd and Norro Wilson.


  • Shania Twain – lead and backing vocals
  • Mark Casstevens, Allen Frank Estes, Chris Leuzinger, Billy Joe Walker Jr., John Willis – acoustic guitar
  • Steve Gibson, Billy Joe Walker Jr., Reggie Young – electric guitar
  • Sonny Garrish – steel guitar
  • Costo Davis – synthesizer
  • David Briggs, Costo Davis, Gary Prim – keyboards
  • Terry McMillan, Kirk “Jelly Roll” Johnson – harmonica
  • Mike Brignardello, Glenn Worf – bass
  • Paul Leim, Larrie Londin – drums
  • Terry McMillan – percussion
  • Anthony Martin, John Wesley Ryles, Ronny Scaife, Cindy Richardson Walker, Dennis Wilson, Curtis Young – backing vocals
  • Jim Cotton, Todd Culross, Graeme Smith, Joe Scaife – engineer, mixing
  • Marty Williams – mastering

Track listing:

  1. What Made You Say That – Tony Haselden, Stan Munsey
  2. You Lay a Whole Lot of Love on Me – Hank Beach, Forest Borders II
  3. Dance with the One That Brought You – Sam Hogin, Gretchen Peters
  4. Still Under the Weather – Skip Ewing, L.E. White, Michael White
  5. Good Ain’t Gonna Getcha for That – Eillen Twain, Kent Robbins
  6. Got a Hold on Me – Rachel Newman
  7. There Goes the Neighborhood – Tommy Dodson, Bill C. Graham, Alan Laney
  8. Forget Me – Stephony Smith
  9. When He leaves You – Mike Reid, Kent Robbins
  10. Crime of the Century – Richard Fagan, Ralph Murphy

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