Grotus: Slow Motion Apocalypse

On April 20, 1993, “Alternative Tentacles” label released “Slow Motion Apocalypse”, the second Grotus studio album. It was recorded October – December 1992, and was produced by Eric Holland.


  • Adam Tanner – Fender Bass VI, guitar, Jupiter-8, sampler, cover art, design
  • Lars Fox – vocals, sampler, percussion
  • John Carson – bass guitar, sampler
  • Bruce Boyd – drums, cover art, design
  • Eric Holland – engineer
  • Fawnee Evnochides – cover art, design

Track listing:

All lyrics by Lars Fox; all music by Adam Tanner, Lars Fox, John Carson and Bruce Boyd, except where noted.

  1. Up Rose the Mountain
  2. Good Evening – Lars Fox
  3. The Same Old Sauce
  4. Hourglass
  5. Shivaynama
  6. Complications
  7. Kali Yugo
  8. Clean
  9. Sleepwalking
  10. Medicine
  11. Slow Motion Apocalypse (includes hidden track “Brown” remix) – Adam Tanner

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