Band of Horses: Things are Great

On March 4, 2022, “BMG” label released “Things Are Great”, the sixth Band of Horses studio album. It was recorded in 2021, and was produced by Ben Bridwell and Wolfgang Zimmerman.


  • Benjamin Bridwell – vocals, guitar, drums, baritone guitar, bass, synthesizer, ukulele, additional recording, engineer, back cover image
  • Ian MacDougall – acoustic and electric guitar
  • Ryan Monroe – electric guitar, keyboards, organ, Rhodes piano, electric guitar
  • Matt Gentling – bass
  • Creighton Barrett – drums
  • Robert Cheek – acoustic guitar
  • Christian Chidester – electric guitar
  • Brantley Gutierrez – vocals
  • Wolfgang Zimmerman – guitar, engineer
  • Jason Lytle – guitar, keyboards, percussion, additional production
  • Dave Sardy – keyboards, noises, acoustic guitar, guitar, tambourine, sound effects, timpani, baritone vocals, drums, mixing, additional production
  • Dave Fridmann – keyboards, organ, additional production
  • Robert Cheek – engineer
  • Sam Farrar – engineer assistant
  • Michael Fridmann – engineer assistant
  • Stephen Marcussen – mastering
  • Cody Ackors – art direction, design
  • Pam Smith – front cover image

Track listing:

All tracks by Ben Bridwell, except where noted.

  1. Warning Signs – Ben Bridwell, Ryan Monroe
  2. Crutch
  3. Tragedy of the Commons
  4. In the Hard Times – Ben Bridwell, Wolfgang Zimmerman
  5. In Need of Repair – Ben Bridwell, Jason Lytle, Ryan Monroe
  6. Aftermath
  7. Lights
  8. Ice Night We Are Having
  9. You Are Nice to Me
  10. Coalinga – Ben Bridwell, Sam Farrar, Brantley Gutierrez, Harrison Kipner

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