Screaming Trees: Clairvoyance

On February 13, 1986, “Velvetone” label released “Clairvoyance”, the debut Screaming Trees studio album. It was recorded in 1986, at “Velvetone Studio” in Ellensburg, WA, and was produced by Steve Fisk.


  • Mark Lanegan – lead vocals, violin
  • Gary Lee Conner – guitar, organ, backing vocals
  • Van Conner – bass, backing vocals
  • Mark Pickerel – drums, percussion
  • Steve Fisk – piano, organ
  • Joey Conner – backing vocals
  • Joanne Conner – backing
  • Michael Peterson – backing vocals
  • John Golden – mastering
  • Sam Albright – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Lanegan, Gary Lee Conner, Van Conner and Mark Pickerel.

  1. Orange Airplane
  2. You Tell Me All These Things
  3. Standing on the Edge
  4. Forever
  5. Seeing and Believing
  6. I See Stars
  7. Lonely Girl
  8. Strange Out Here
  9. The Turning
  10. Clairvoyance

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