The Raincoats: Moving

On January 27, 1984, “Rough Trade” label released “Moving”, the third Raincoats (The) studio album. It was recorded October – November 1982, August – September 1983, at “Berry Street Studios” and “Regents Park Studios” in London, and was produced by Adam Kidron and Brad Grisdale.


  • Vicki Aspinall – vocals, organ, bass, piano, violin
  • Gina Birch – vocals, bass, guitar, vibraphone
  • Ana da Silva – vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Mgotse Mothie – double bass
  • Michael McEvoy – synthesizer bass, horn arrangements
  • Paddy O’Connell – bass, tenor saxophone, penny whistle
  • Derek Goddard – percussion, bongos, conga, drums
  • Richard Dudanski – percussion, drums, balafon
  • Roger Freeman – percussion
  • Chris “C.P.” Lee – trumpet
  • Harry Beckett – trumpet, flugelhorn

Track listing:

  1. Ooh Ooh La La La
  2. Dreaming in the Past
  3. Mouth of a Story
  4. Honey Mad Woman
  5. Rainstorm
  6. Dance of Hopping Mad
  7. Balloon
  8. I Saw a Hill
  9. Overheard
  10. The Body
  11. Avidoso
  12. Animal Rhapsody

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