Nektar: The Other Side

On January 24, 2020, “Esoteric Antenna” label released “The Other Side”, the 15th Nektar album. It was recorded in 2019, at “Shorefire Recording Studios” in Long Branch, NJ, and was produced by Benjamin Meade.


  • Ryche Chlanda – vocals, guitar
  • Kendall Scott – keyboards, synth 
  • Randy Dembo – twelve string guitar, bass
  • Derek Moore – vocals, bass, liner notes
  • Ron Howden – vocals, drums
  • Roye Albrighton – guitar
  • Joe DeMaio – engineer
  • Vinny Schmid – recording
  • Leon Zervos – mastering
  • Helmut Wenske – cover art
  • Jay Petsko – design, photography
  • Mick Brockett – visual concept, liner notes
  • Ed Igoe – executive producer

Track listing:

  1. I’m on Fire
  2. Skywriter
  3. Love Is / The Other Side
  4. Drifting
  5. Devil’s Door
  6. The Light Beyond
  7. Look Thru Me
  8. Y Can’t I B More Like U



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