Elbow: Flying Dream 1

On November 19, 2021, “Polydor” label released “Flying Dream 1”, the ninth Elbow studio album It was recorded in 2021, at “Theatre Royal” in Brighton, England, and was produced by Craig Potter.


  • Guy Garvey – vocals
  • Mark Potter – guitars
  • Craig Potter – keyboards
  • Pete Turner – bass
  • Alex Reeves – drums, percussion
  • Sarah Field – saxophone, clarinet
  • Jesca Hoop – backing vocals
  • Wilson Atie, Adeleye Omotayo and Marit Røkeberg – backing vocals

Track listing:

All lyrics by Guy Garvey, all music by Guy Garvey, Mark Potter, Craig Potter, Pete Turner and Alex Reeves.

  1. Flying Dream 1
  2. After the Eclipse
  3. Is It a Bird
  4. Six Words
  5. Calm and Happy
  6. Come On, Blue
  7. The Only Road
  8. Red Sky Radio (Baby Baby Baby) – contains elements of “Looking Back, I Should Have Been Home More” written by Richard Swift.
  9. The Seldom Seen Kid
  10. What Am I Without You

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