Quasi: American Gong

On February 23, 2010, “Kill Rock Stars” label released “American Gong”, the eighth Quasi album. It was recorded in 2009, and was produced by Sam Coomes, Janet Weiss and Joanna Bolme.


  • Sam Coomes – vocals, keyboards, guitar
  • Janet Weiss – drums, backing vocals
  • Joanna Bolme – bass
  • Kendra Wright – recording
  • Steve Fisk – mixing
  • Dave Fridmann – mixing
  • Tucker Martine – mixing
  • Roger Seibel – mastering
  • Johanna Jackson – artwork
  • Chris Johanson – artwork

Track listing:

  1. Repulsion
  2. Little Shite Horse
  3. Everything & Nothing at All
  4. Bye Bye Blackbird
  5. The Jig Is Up
  6. Black Dogs & Bubbles
  7. Death Is Not the End
  8. Rockabilly Party
  9. Now What
  10. Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler
  11. Howler

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