Bella Fleck and The Flecktones: Outbound

On July 25, 2000, “Columbia” label released “Outbound”, the eighth Béla Fleck and the Flecktones studio album. It was recorded in 2000, and was produced by Bella Fleck, Jeff Coffin, Future Man and Victor Wooten. At the 43rd annual “Grammy Awards”, “Outbound” won “Best Contemporary Jazz Album”.


  • Béla Fleck – Gibson-style 75 banjo, Gibson-style 18 acoustic banjo, gut string banjo, Deering Crossfire electric banjo, electric sitar banjo, synth, National steel guitar, Paradis stereo guitar with VG8
  • Jeff Coffin – soprano, alto and tenor saxophone, alto flute, clarinet
  • Victor Wooten – vocals, Fodera 4 string bass, Fodera tenor bass, stereo effect, Compito 5 string fretless bass
  • Future Man – vocals, Synth-Axe Drumitar, acoustic percussion, X-Drum acoustic kick drum, Zendrum, Pear tall cajons, Roland S-760 samplers
  • Jon Anderson – vocals
  • Shawn Colvin – vocals
  • Rita Sahai – vocals
  • David Angell – violin
  • David Davidson – violin
  • Mark Feldman – violin
  • Kristin Wilkinson – viola
  • John Catchings – cello
  • Adrian Belew – electric guitar
  • Sandip Burman – tabla
  • Paul Hanson – bassoon, harmonizer, synth, tenor saxophone
  • Paul McCandless – Soprano saxophone, pennywhistle, oboe, English horn
  • John Medeski – Hammond B-3 organ
  • Edgar Meyer – arco and pizzicato acoustic basses
  • Andy Narell – steelpans
  • Kongar-ol Ondar – Tuvan throat singing 

Track listing:

All tracks by Béla Fleck except where noted.

  1. Intro
  2. Hoedown – Aaron Copland
  3. A Moment So Close
  4. Zona Mona – Bella Fleck, Jeff Coffin
  5. Hall Of Mirrors
  6. Earth Jam – Bella Fleck, Future Man, Victor Wooten
  7. Something She Said
  8. Ovombo Summit – Future Man
  9. Aimum – Bella Fleck, The Future Man, Victor Wooten, Jeff Coffin
  10. Prelude
  11. Lover’s Leap
  12. Outbound
  13. Scratch & Sniff – Bella Fleck, Victor Wooten
  14. Shuba Yatra
  15. That Old Thing
  16. Reprise

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