Spoon: A Series of Sneaks

On April 28, 1998, “Elektra” label released “A Series of Sneaks”, the second Spoon studio album, It was recorded in 1997, at “Dogland” in Cedar Creek, “Music Lane”, “The Hit Shack”, “Blue World” and “The Catacomb” in Austin, Texas, and was produced by John Croslin, Britt Daniel, Joshua Zarbo and Jim Eno.


  • Britt Daniel – vocals, guitar
  • Joshua Zarbo – bass
  • Jim Eno – drums
  • John Groslin – recording, engineer, mixing
  • Dave Collins – mastering
  • Giacomo Balla – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Britt Daniel except where noted.

  1. Utilitarian
  2. The Minor Tough
  3. The Guestlist/The Execution
  4. Reservations
  5. 30 Gallon Tank –Britt Daniel, Jim Eno
  6. Car Radio
  7. Metal Detektor
  8. June’s Foreign Spell
  9. Chloroform
  10. Metal School – Britt Daniel, Josh Zarbo
  11. Starting at the Board
  12. No You’re Not
  13. Quincy Punk Episode
  14. Advance Cassette

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