Wild Man Fischer: An Evening with Wild Man Fischer

On April 28, 1969, “Bizarre” label released “An Evening with Wild Man Fischer”, the debut Wild Man Fischer album (Larry Fischer). It was recorded 1968 – 1969, at “Sunset Sound” and “The Log Cabin” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Frank Zappa.


  • Larry Fischer – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
  • Frank Zappa – guitar, various instruments, liner notes
  • The Mothers of Invention – piano, bass, drums
  • Art Tripp – percussion
  • Kim Fowley – recitation
  • Rodney Bingenheimer – recitation
  • The GTOs – recitation
  • Jerry Hansen – engineer
  • Cal Schenkel – art direction
  • Ed Caraeff – photography
  • Henry Diltz – cover photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Larry Fischer.

  1. Merry Go Round
  2. New Kind of Songs for Sale
  3. I’m Not Shy Anymore
  4. The Madness & Ecstasy – introduction by Kim Fowley and Rodney Bingenheimer
  5. Which Way Did the Freaks Go?
  6. I’m Working for the Federal Bureau of Narcotics
  7. The Leaves Are Falling
  8. 85 Times
  9. Cops & Robbers
  10. Monkey Versus Donkeys
  11. Start Life Over Again
  12. The Mope
  13. The Brand New
  14. Who Did It Johnny?
  15. Think of Me When Your Clothes Are Off
  16. Taggy Lee
  17. Rhonda
  18. I Looked Around You
  19. Jennifer Jones
  20. The Taster (fancy version)
  21. The Story of the Taster
  22. The Rocket Rock
  23. The Rocket Rock Explanation & Dialog
  24. Dream Girl
  25. Dream Girl Explanation
  26. Serrano (Sorrento?) Beach
  27. Success Will Not Make Me Happy
  28. Wild Man on the Strip Again
  29. Why I Am Normal
  30. The Wild Man Fischer Story
  31. Balling Isn’t Everything
  32. Ugly Beautiful Girl
  33. Larry & His Guitar
  34. Circle
  35. Larry Under Pressure

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