The Cure: Faith

On April 14, 1981, “Fiction Records” label released “Faith”, the third Cure (The) studio album. It was recorded September 1980 – March 1981, at “Morgan Studio” in London, and was produced by Mike hedges, Robert Smith, Simon Gallup and Lol Tolhurst.


  • Robert Smith – vocals, guitars, keyboards, six-string bass
  • Simon Gallup – bass guitar
  • Lol Tolhurst – drums
  • Mike Hedges – engineer
  • Graham Carmichael – engineer
  • David Kemp – engineer
  • Martyn Webster – engineer assistant
  • Porl Thompson – design

Track listing:

All lyrics by Robert Smith, all music by Robert Smith, Simon Gallup and Lol Tolhurst.

  1. The Holy Hour
  2. Primary
  3. Other Voices
  4. All Cats Are Grey
  5. The Funeral Party
  6. Doubt
  7. The Drowning Man
  8. Faith

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