Alex Cline: For People in Sorrow

On March 19, 2013, “Cryptogramophone” label released “For People in Sorrow” the twelve Alex Cline album. It was recorded in 2011, at the “Angel City Jazz Festival” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Alex Cline.


  • Alex Cline – drums, percussion
  • Larry Ward – recitation
  • Dwight Trible – voice
  • G.E. Stinson – electric guitar, electronics
  • Myra Melford – piano, harmonium
  • Mark Dresser – bass
  • Will Salmon – conductor
  • Dan Clucas – cornet, flute
  • Oliver Lake – saxophone, flute
  • Vinny Golia – woodwinds
  • Jeff Gauthier – electric violin
  • Maggie Parkins – cello
  • Zeena Parkins – harp
  • Sister Dang Nghiem – chant, bell

Track listing:


  1. A Wild Thing
  2. People in Sorrow


  1. For People in Sorrow 


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