On October 4, 1971.

On October 4, 1971, “Atlantic” label released “Twins”, the tenth Ornette Coleman album. It was recorded 1959 – 1961, assembled without Coleman’s input, comprising outtakes from recording sessions of 1959 to 1961 for “The Shape of Jazz to Come”, “This Is Our Music”, “Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation”, and “Ornette!”. Sessions for “Monk and the Nun” took place at “Radio Recorders” in Hollywood, for “First Take” at “A&R Studios” in New York City, and all others at “Atlantic Studios” in Manhattan. The album was produced by Nesuhi Ertegün.


  • Ornette Coleman – alto saxophone
  • Don Cherry – pocket trumpet; cornet on “Monk and the Nun”
  • Charlie Haden – bass on 1959 and 1960 tracks
  • Scott LaFaro – bass on “First Take” and “Check Up”
  • Billy Higgins – drums on “First Take” and “Monk and the Nun”
  • Ed Blackwell – drums on 1960 and 1961 tracks
  • Freddie Hubbard – trumpet on “First Take”
  • Eric Dolphy – bass clarinet on “First Take”

Track listing:

All tracks by Ornette Coleman.

  1. First Take – December 21, 1960
  2. Little Symphony – July 19, 1960
  3. Monk and the Nun – May 22, 1959
  4. Check Up – January 31, 1961
  5. Joy of a Toy – July 26, 1960

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