On August 17, 1993.

On August 17, 1993, “Columbia” label released “Walk the Dog and Light the Light”, the ninth Laura Nyro studio album. It was recorded in 1993, in New York City, and was produced by Laura Nyro and Gary Katz.


  • Laura Nyro – lead vocals, harmonies, keyboards, string arrangements
  • Bernard Purdie- drums
  • Freddie Washington, Jerry Jemmott- bass guitar
  • Elliott Randall, Michael Landau, Ira Siegal – guitar
  • Bashiri Johnson, Eric McKain – percussion
  • Ellen Uryevick – harp
  • Juliet Haffner, Sue Pray, Julie Green, Jeanne Le Blanc, Marilyn Wright, Belinda Whitney Barat, Joyce Hammann, Beryl Diamond, Rani Vaz, Laura Seaton, Gene Orloff, Sanford Allen, Mindy Jostyn – strings
  • Lou Marini, Roger Rosenberg, Randy Brecker, Lawrence Feldman – horns
  • Michael Brecker- saxophone solo
  • Lou Marini – flute solo
  • Carlos Franzetti – string arrangements
  • David Frank- horn and flute arrangements, additional production assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Laura Nyro; except where noted.

  1. Oh Yeah Maybe Baby (The Heebie Jeebies) – Hank Hunter, Phil Spector
  2. A Woman of the World
  3. The Descent of Luna Rose
  4. Art of Love
  5. Lite a Flame (The Animal Rights Song)
  6. Louise’s Church
  7. Broken Rainbow
  8. Walk the Dog and Light the Light (Song of the Road)
  9. To a Child
  10. I’m So Proud/Dedicated to the One I Love – Curtis Mayfield, Ralph Bass, Lowman Pauling

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