On August 16, 2019.

On August 16, 2019, “Castle Face Records” label released “Face Stabber”, the twenty-second Oh Sees studio album. It was recorded in 2019, at “Sonic Ranch”, and was produced by Eric Bauer, Enrique Tena Padilla, Mario Ramirez, and John Dwyer.


  • John Dwyer – vocals, guitar, electronics, synthesizers, percussion, sax, samples, Mellotron, field recording
  • Tim Hellman – bass, percussion
  • Tomas Dolas – organ, synthesizers, Mellotron, percussion
  • Dan Rincon – drums, percussion
  • Paul Quattrone – drums, percussion
  • Brigid Dawson – additional vocals
  • Brad Caulkins – alto and tenor saxophone
  • Mario Ramirez – percussion, engineer
  • Enrique Tena Padilla – percussion, engineering, mixing
  • Eric Bauer – percussion, engineering, mixing
  • JJ Golden – mastering
  • Bernd K. Eisenschmidt – cover artwork, adapted from “Swamp Demon” by Frank Frazetta
  • Brian Bamps – Inner sleeve artwork
  • Matthew Jones – layout

Track listing:

  1. The Daily Heavy
  2. The Experimenter
  3. Face Stabber
  4. Snickersnee
  5. Fu-Xi
  6. Scutum & Scorpius
  7. Gholü
  8. Poisoned Stones
  9. Psy-Ops Dispatch
  10. S. Luker’s Mom
  11. Heartworm
  12. Together Tomorrow
  13. Captain Loosely
  14. Henchlock

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