In July 1986.

In July 1986, “Warner Bros” label released “East of Midnight”, the 17th Gordon Lightfoot album. It was recorded January 1985 – March 1986, at “Eastern Sound” in Toronto, and was produced by Gordon Lightfoot and David Foster.


  • Gordon Lightfoot – main vocals, guitar
  • Lenny Castro- percussion
  • Vern Dorge – alto and tenor saxophone
  • David Foster- synthesizer, keyboards
  • Mike Heffernan – keyboards
  • James Newton Howard- synthesizer, percussion, keyboards
  • Sheree Jeacocke – harmony vocals
  • Barry Keane – percussion, drums
  • Michael Landau- guitar
  • Bob Mann – guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Richard Marx- harmony vocals
  • Lou Pomanti – Hammond organ
  • Tom Szczesniak – synthesizer, bass, keyboards
  • Vesta Williams- harmony vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Gordon Lightfoot except where noted.

  1. Stay Loose
  2. Morning Glory
  3. East of Midnight
  4. A Lesson in Love
  5. Anything for Love – Gordon Lightfoot, David Foster
  6. Let it Ride
  7. Ecstasy Made Easy
  8. You Just Gotta Be
  9. A Passing Ship
  10. I’ll Tag Along

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