On April 7, 1998.

On April 7, 1998, “Private Music” label released “Sacred Island”, album by Taj Mahal and The Hula Blues Band. It was recorded in May 1997, at “Messenger Studios” in Hawaii, and was produced by Carey Williams.


  • Taj Mahal – vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • Carlos Andrade – lead and backing vocals, guitar, slack key guitar, tenor Ukelele, ukulele
  • Rudy Costa – clarinet, flute, kalimba, pan pipes, alto curved soprano saxophone, zither, background vocals
  • Wayne Jacinhto – guitar, slack key guitar, tenor ukelele, ukulele, background vocals
  • Patrick Cockett – liliu ukulele, ukulele, background vocals
  • Michael Barretto – ukulele, background vocals
  • Pancho Graham – acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar, background vocals
  • Fred Lunt – steel guitar
  • Kester Smith – drums, cowbell
  • Carey Williams – background vocals
  • John Gilleron – engineer
  • Daryn Roven – mixing
  • Dug Nichols – mixing
  • Bernd Steinwedel – mastering
  • Sonny Mediana – art direction
  • Petra Hanisch – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Taj Mahal, except where noted.

  1. The Calypsonians
  2. Coconut Man – Frederic Hibbert
  3. Sacred Island (Moku La’a)
  4. Betty and Dupree – Chuck Willis
  5. The New Hula Blues
  6. No Na Mamo – Carlos Andrade
  7. Mailbox Blues
  8. Kanikapila – Taj Mahal, Rudy Costa, Kester Smith, Pancho Graham


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