Steve Howe: The Steve Howe Album

On November 22, 1979, “Atlantic” label released “The Steve Howe Album”, the second Steve Howe album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Steve Howe.


  • Steve Howe – acoustic, electric, bass, Spanish, Danelectro sitar and pedal steel guitar, mandolin, six-string banjo, Moog synthesizer, string ensembl
  • Claire Hamill– vocals
  • Ronnie Leahy– Korg & ARP synthesizers, Hammond organ
  • Patrick Moraz– piano
  • Alan White– drums
  • Bill Bruford– drums
  • Clive Bunker– percussion
  • Graham Preskett – violin
  • Andrew Jackman – orchestra arrangements,  conductor

Track listing:

All tracks by Steve Howe except where noted.

  1. Pennants
  2. Cactus Boogie
  3. All’s a Chord
  4. Diary of a Man Who Vanished
  5. Look Over Your Shoulder
  6. Meadow Rag
  7. The Continental – Con Conrad, Herb Magidson
  8. Surface Tension
  9. Double Rondo – music by Steve Howe, orchestrated by Andrew Jackman
  10. Concerto In D (Second Movement) – Antonio Vivaldi, arranged by Steve Howe

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