On August 23, 1983.

On August 23, 1983, “Wonderland Records” label released “Blue Sunshine”, the only Glove studio album. It was recorded in 1983, and was produced by Merlin Griffiths, Robert Smith and Steven Severin.


  • Robert Smith- vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
  • Steven Severin- bass, keyboards
  • Jeanette Landray – vocals
  • Andy Anderson– drums
  • Martin McCarrick- keyboards, strings
  • Ginny Hewes – strings
  • Anne Stephenson – strings

Track listing:

All lyrics by Steven Severin, except where noted. All music by Steven Severin and Robert Smith.

  1. Like an Animal – Robert Smith
  2. Looking Glass Girl
  3. Sex-Eye-Make-Up – Robert Smith
  4. Alphabet Says
  5. A Blues in Drag
  6. Punish Me with Kisses – Steven Severin, Robert Smith
  7. This Green City
  8. Orgy
  9. Perfect Murder – Robert Smith
  10. Relax

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