In July 1981.

In July 1981, “Jugoton” label released “Bistriji ili tuplji čovek biva kad…” (Brighter or Dumber a Man Gets When…), the debut and the only Šarlo Akrobata album. It was recorded April – May 1981, and was produced by Akpiđoto (Akrobata,Mile “Pile” Miletić, Đorđe Petrović and Toni Jurij).


  • Milan Mladenović– vocals, guitar
  • Dušan Kojić– vocals,bass guitar
  • Ivan Vdović– vocals, drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Milan Mladenović, Dušan Kojić and Ivan Vdović.

  1. Šarlo je nežan” (Charlie Is Gentle)
  2. Pazite na decu (I) (Take Care Of Children (I))
  3. Rano izjutra (Early In The Morning)
  4. Fenomen(Phenomenon)
  5. Sad se jasno vidi(Now It’s Cleary Seen)
  6. Ljubavna priča (Love Story)
  7. Samo ponekad(Just Occasionally)
  8. Čovek (Man)
  9. Bes (Rage)
  10. O, O, O…
  11. Problem
  12. Ja želim jako (I Want Strongly)
  13. Pazite na decu (II) (Take Care Of Children (II))


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