On June 28, 1968.

On June 28, 1968, “Fontana” label released “Mighty Garvey!”, the fifth and final Manfred Mann studio album. It was recorded 1967 – 1968, and was produced by Manfred Mann.


  • Manfred Mann– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Tom McGuinness– guitar, backing vocals
  • Mike d’Abo– lead vocals
  • Mike Hugg– drums and percussion
  • Klaus Voormann– bass, woodwind, backing vocals
  • Derek Wadsworth– trombone
  • Keith Altham – liner notes

Track listing:

  1. Happy Families – Mike d’Abo
  2. No Better, No Worse – Mike d’Abo
  3. Every Day Another Hair Turns Grey – Mike Hugg
  4. Country Dancing – Mike d’Abo
  5. It’s So Easy Falling – Mike Hugg
  6. Happy Families – Mike d’Abo
  7. Mighty Quinn – Bob Dylan
  8. Big Betty – Huddie Ledbetter
  9. The Vicar’s Daughter – Mike d’Abo
  10. Each and Every Day – Mike Hugg
  11. Cubist Town – Tom McGuinness, Charles Perrot
  12. Ha! Ha! Said the Clown – Tony Hazzard
  13. Harry the One-Man Band – Mike Hugg
  14. Happy families – Mike d’Abo

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