On August 16, 2010.

On August 16, 2010, “RCA” label released “The Illusion of Safety”, the second  Hoosiers album. It was recorded in 2010, at “Angelic Studios” in Northamptonshire, “Long Island Studios” and “RAK Studios” in London, and was produced by Toby Smith, Max Dingel, Jay Reynolds and Al Clay.


  • Irwin Sparkes– lead and backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, synthesizers, programming
  • Martin Skarendahl – bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, percussion, backing vocals, programming
  • Alphonso Sharland – drums, lead and backing vocals, percussion, programming
  • Toby Smith- programming, synthesizers, percussion, backing vocals
  • Sam Swallow – piano, dulcitone, synthesizers, percussion,  trumpet,  trombone, brass arranging, , backing vocals
  • Dee Clay – backing vocals
  • Johnny Douglas – synthesizers
  • Paul Clavis – percussion
  • Barney Philpott – trombone
  • Seb Philpott – trumpet
  • Max Dingel – engineering, programming
  • Jay Reynolds – engineering, programming, mixing
  • Al Clay – engineering, programming, mixing, percussion, backing vocals
  • Cenzo Townshend– mixing
  • Tom Fuller – engineering, mixing
  • Sam Miller – mixing
  • Adie Kaye – engineering, mixing
  • Neil Comberm Sean Julliard – mixing
  • John Davis – masteringon all tracks
  • Andrew Welford – post production
  • Eg White– string programming

Track listing:

All tracks by Irwin Sparkes, Martin Skarendahl and Alphonso Sharland, except where noted.

  1. Choices – Irwin Sparkes, Martin Skarendahl, Alphonso Sharland, Toby Smith
  2. Bumpy Ride – Irwin Sparkes, Martin Skarendahl, Alphonso Sharland, Jodi Marr, George Norriega
  3. Who Said Anything (About Falling in Love)? – Irwin Sparkes, Martin Skarendahl, Alphonso Sharland, Eg White
  4. Unlikely Hero
  5. Lovers in My Head
  6. Live by the Ocean
  7. Devil’s in the Detail
  8. Glorious
  9. Meade to Measure
  10. Giddy Up
  11. Sarajevo
  12. Little Brutes


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