On August 11, 1998.

On August 11, 1998, “A&M” label released “And You Think You Know What Life’s About”, the second Dishwalla studio album. It was “Trackholmes” in Santa Barbara,  “Music Box” in Hollywood, and was produced by Mark Waterman, Scott Alexander, Rodney Browning-Cravens, George Pendergast, J.R. Richards and Jim Wood.


  • Scot Alexander – vocals, bass
  • Rodney Browning-Cravens – vocals, guitars
  • George Pendergast – drums
  • R. Richards – vocals, guitar, additional keyboards
  • Jim Wood – keyboards
  • Uncle Jake Richards – acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Peter Byck, Marc Waterman,David Young – backing vocals
  • Marc Waterman, Jim Wood – engineers
  • Chris Lord-Alge – mixing
  • Andrew Garver – mixing assistant

Track listing:

  1. Stay Awake
  2. Once in a While
  3. Bottom of the Floor
  4. Healing Star
  5. Until I Wake Up
  6. 5 Star Day
  7. Truth Serum
  8. So Blind
  9. Gone Upside Down
  10. So Much Time
  11. The Bridge Song
  12. Pop Guru


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