On May 26, 2017.

On May 26, 2017, “Rabble Rouser” label released “The Songs and Poems of Molly Drake”, the eight  Unthanks album. It was recorded in 2017, and was produced by Adrian McNally. The album contains recordings of songs and poems written by Molly Drake, the mother of Nick Drake, and recitations of Molly’s poems by her daughter Gabrielle Drake


  • Gabrielle Drake– spoken word
  • Rachel Unthank, Becky Unthank – voice
  • Adrian McNally– voice, piano
  • Chris Price – voice, double bass, guitar
  • Niopha Keegan – voice, violin, viola
  • Faye MacCalman – clarinet, tenor saxophone
  • Martin Douglas – cymbals

Track listing:

  1. What Can a Song Do to You? (with poem: “Lost Grief”)
  2. Dream Your Dreams
  3. Martha
  4. How Wild the Wind Blows
  5. Little Weaver Bird
  6. Bird in the Blue (with poem: “Lost Blue”)
  7. The Road to the Stars (with poem: “Warning to Heroes”)
  8. Set Me Free (with poem: “Escape Me Now”)
  9. Woods In May
  10. I Remember
  11. Never Pine for the Old Love
  12. The Shell
  13. Soft Shelled Crabs
  14. Do You Ever Remember? (with poem: “Time”)
  15. The First Day (with poem: “A Prayer for Love”)



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