Kevin Ayers: Falling Up

In February 1988, “Virgin” label released “Falling Up”, the thirteenth  Kevin Ayers studio album. It was recorded May – June 1987, at “Track Studios” in Madrid, Spain, and was produced by Colin Fairley.


  • Kevin Ayers – vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion
  • Ollie Halsall– guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, backing vocals
  • Miguel Herrero – guitars
  • El Reverendo – Hammond organ
  • Pablo Salinas – piano
  • Javier Paxariño – soprano saxophone
  • Marcelo Carlos Fuentes – bass
  • Nete – drums
  • Tony Vazquez – drums, bongos
  • Luis Dulzaides – congas
  • Charles J. Beale, Chuck C’ Note Brown, Patt Patterson, Andrea Bronston, Mary Jameson – backing vocals
  • Eugenio Muñoz – engineer
  • David De La Torre – engineer assistant

Track listing:

  1. (Another)Saturday Night (In Deya) – Kevin Ayers, Ollie Halsall
  2. Flying Start – Mike Oldfield
  3. The Best We Have – Kevin Ayers, Ollie Halsall
  4. Another Rolling Stone – Kevin Ayers, Marvin Siau
  5. Do You Believe – Kevin Ayers
  6. That’s What We Did (Today) – Kevin Ayers, Ollie Halsall
  7. Night Fighters – Kevin Ayers, Ollie Halsall
  8. Am I Really Marcel? – Kevin Ayers

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