In November 1973.

In November 1973, “Mooncrest” label released “Loud ‘n’ Proud”, the fourth Nazareth studio album. It was recorded in 1973, and was produced by Roger Glover.


  • Dan McCafferty- lead vocals
  • Darrell Sweet- percussion, drums, backing vocals
  • Pete Agnew- bass guitar, Fuzz bass, backing vocals
  • Manny Charlton(Manuel Charlton) – lead, slide and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
  • Roger Glover- bass guitar, percussion
  • Mike Brown, Robert M. Corich – remastering
  • Geoff Emerick, Bob Harper, John Mills – engineer
  • Dave Field – sleeve

Track listing:

All lyrics by Pete Agnew, Manny Charlton, Dan McCafferty, Darrell Sweet, except otherwise noted.

  1. Go Down Fighting
  2. Not Faking It
  3. Turn On Your Receiver
  4. Teenage Nervous Breakdown – Lowell George
  5. Free Wheeler
  6. This Flight Tonight – Joni Mitchell
  7. Child in the Sun
  8. The Ballad of Hollis Brown – Bob Dylan

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