In November 1973.

In November 1973, “Atlantic” label released “Ladies Invited”, the fifth The J. Geils Band album. It was recorded in 1973, at “The Hit Factory” in New York City, and was produced by Bill Szymczyk.


  • Peter Wolf- lead vocals
  • Geils- guitar
  • Magic Dick- harmonica
  • Seth Justman- keyboards
  • Danny Klein- bass
  • Stephen Bladd – drums
  • Allan Blazek, Bill Szymczyk – engineer
  • Zal Schreiber – mastering
  • Juke Joint Jimmy = special assistant
  • Ira Friedlander, Douglas T. Slade – design
  • Antonio – illustrations, design
  • Robert Agriopoulos – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Peter Wolf and Seth Justman.

  1. Did You No Wrong
  2. I Can’t Go On
  3. Lay Your Good Thing Down
  4. That’s Why I’m Thinking of You
  5. No Doubt About It
  6. The Lady Makes Demands
  7. My Baby Don’t Love Me
  8. Diddyboppin’
  9. Take a Chance (On Romance)
  10. Chimes

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