In July 1984.

In July 1984, “SST” label released “Zen Arcade”, the second Hüsker Dü studio album. It was recorded in October 1983, at “Total Access Recording” in Redondo Beach, California, except “Standing By the Sea” recorded in December 1982, during the Metal Circus sessions, and was produced by Spot, Grant Hart, Bob Mould and Greg Norton.


  • Grant Hart– drums; lead and background vocals; percussion; piano
  • Bob Mould– lead and background vocals; electric guitar; acoustic guitar; percussion; piano, bass
  • Greg Norton– bass; background vocals

Track listing:

  1. Something I Learned Today – Bob Mould
  2. Broken Home, Broken Heart – Bob Mould
  3. Never Talking to You Again – Grant Hart
  4. Chartered Trips – Bob Mould
  5. Dreams Reoccurring – Grant Hart, Bob Mould, Greg Norton
  6. Indecision Time – Bob Mould
  7. Hare Krsna – Grant Hart, Bob Mould, Greg Norton
  8. Beyond the Threshold – Bob Mould
  9. Pride – Bob Mould
  10. I’ll Never Forget You – Bob Mould
  11. The Biggest Lie – Bob Mould
  12. What’s Going – Grant Hart
  13. Masochism World – Grant Hart, Bob Mould
  14. Standing by the Sea – Grant Hart
  15. Somewhere – Grant Hart, Bob Mould
  16. One Step at a Time – Grant Hart, Bob Mould
  17. Pink Turns to Blue – Grant Hart
  18. Newest Industry – Bob Mould
  19. Monday Will Never Be the Same – Bob Mould
  20. Whatever – Bob Mould
  21. The Tooth Fairy and the Princess – Bob Mould
  22. Turn on the News – Grant Hart
  23. Reoccurring Dreams – Grant Hart, Bob Mould, Greg Norton

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