In May 1983.

In May 1983, “On-U Sound Records” label released “Learning to Cope With Cowardice”, the debut Mark Stewart album. It was recorded 1982-1983, and was produced by Mark Stewart and Adrian Sherwood .


  • Mark Stewart– vocals, art direction
  • Desmond ‘Fatfingers’ Coke – keyboards
  • Nick Plytas – keyboards
  • Evar Wellington – bass guitar
  • George Oban – bass guitar
  • Crucial Tony – bass guitar
  • Eskimo Fox – drums
  • Dan Sheals – drums
  • Anna Hurl – art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Stewart, except where noted.

  1. Learning to Cope With Cowardice
  2. Liberty City
  3. Blessed Are Those Who Struggle
  4. None Dare Call It Conspiracy
  5. Don’t You Ever Lay Down Your Arms – Wes Brooks
  6. The Paranoia of Power
  7. To Have the Vision
  8. Jerusalem – William Blake

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