In March 1976.

In March 1976, “Columbia” label released “Illegal Stills” the fourth Stephen Stills album. It was recorded 1974-1976, and was produced by Stephen Stills and Don Gehman.


  • Jerry Aiello – keyboards
  • Donnie Dacus- vocals, guitars
  • Howard Kaylan- vocals
  • Joe Lala- percussion
  • George “Chocolate” Perry- bass guitar
  • Stephen Stills – vocals, bass guitar, guitars, keyboards
  • George Terry- guitars
  • Joe Vitale- drums
  • Mark Volman- vocals
  • Tubby Zeigler – drums

Track listing:

  1. Buyin’ Time – Stephen Stills
  2. Midnight in Paris -Donnie Dacus, Véronique Sanson
  3. Different Tongues – Stephen Stills, Donnie Dacus
  4. Soldier – Donnie Dacus, Stephen Stills
  5. The Loner – Neil Young
  6. Stateline Blues – Stephen Stills
  7. Closer to You – Donnie Dacus, Warner Schwebke, Stephen Stills
  8. No Me Niegas – Stephen Stills
  9. Ring of Love – Donnie Dacus, Stephen Stills
  10. Circlin – Kenny Passarelli, Stephen Stills

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