In March 1971.


In March 1971, “Atco” label released the debut, self-titled Black Oak Arkansas album. It was recorded in 1970, at “Paramamount Recording Studios” and “Gold Star Recording Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Lee Dorman and Mike Pinera.


  • Jim “Dandy” Mangrum -lead vocals, washboard
  • Rickie “Ricochet” Reynolds – 12 string rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Pat “Dirty” Daugherty – bass guitar, vocals
  • Harvey “Burley” Jett – lead guitar, banjo, piano, vocals
  • Stanley “Goober” Knight – lead& steel guitar, organ, vocals
  • Wayne “Squeezebox” Evans – drums
  • Sheldon Krechman, Lee Weisel – executive producers.
  • Brian Bruderlin, Stan Ross – engineers.
  • Remixed by Jay Senter and Doc Siegel.
  • Eve Babitz – cover design, photos

Track listing:

All tracks by Jim “Dandy” Mangrum,  Rickie “Ricochet” Reynolds, Pat “Dirty” Daugherty, Harvey “Burley” Jett, Stanley “Goober” Knight  and Wayne “Squeezebox” Evans, except where noted.

  1. Uncle Lijiah
  2. Memories at the Window
  3. The Hills of Arkansas
  4. I Could Love You
  5. Hot and Nasty – Pat “Dirty” Daugherty, Harvey “Burley” Jett, Knight, Rickie “Ricochet” Reynolds, Smith, Stone
  6. Singing the Blues – Melvin Endsley
  7. Lord Have Mercy on My Soul
  8. When Electricity Came to Arkansas

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