In February 1983.


In February 1983, “Duck” label released “Money and Cigarettes”, the eighth Eric Clapton solo album. It was recorded in 1982, and was produced by Eric Clapton and Tom Dowd.


  • Eric Clapton – guitar, slide guitar, lead vocals
  • Ry Cooder– guitar
  • Albert Lee– guitar, keyboards, background vocals
  • Donald “Duck” Dunn– bass
  • Roger Hawkins– drums
  • Chuck Kirkpatrick – background vocals
  • John Sambataro – background vocals
  • Peter Solley– Hammond Organ

Track listing:

  1. Everybody Oughta Make a Change – Sleepy John Estes
  2. The Shape You’re In – Eric Clapton
  3. Ain’t Going Down – Eric Clapton
  4. I’ve Got a Rock’n’Roll Heart – Troy Seals, Eddie Setser, Steve Diamond
  5. Man Overboard – Eric Clapton
  6. Pretty Girl – Eric Clapton
  7. Man in Love – Eric Clapton
  8. Crosscut Saw – R.G. Ford
  9. Slow Down Linda – Eric Clapton
  10. Crazy Country Hop – Johnny Otis

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