In February 1973.


In February 1973, “Island” label released “Rosie”, the eight Fairport Convention album. It was recorded July – August 1972, at “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by Trevor Lucas.


  • Dave Swarbrick: vocals, fiddle, viola, mandolin, acoustic guitar
  • Trevor Lucas: vocals, 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars
  • Jerry Donahue: guitars, backing vocals
  • Dave Pegg: vocals, bass, mandolin
  • Dave Mattacks: drums, percussion, piano
  • Richard Thompson: electric and 12-string guitars
  • Sandy Denny: backing vocals
  • Linda Peters: backing vocals
  • Gerry Conway: drums
  • Tim Donald: – drums
  • Ralph McTell: acoustic guitar

Track listing:

  1. Rosie – Dave Swarbrick
  2. Matthew, Mark, Luke & John – Dave Pegg, Dave Swarbrick
  3. Knights of the Road – Trevor Lucas, Peter Roche
  4. Peggy’s Pub – Dave Pegg
  5. The Plainsman – words: Peter Roche/music: traditional, arranged by Trevor Lucas
  6. Hungarian Rhapsody – Dave Pegg
  7. My Girl – Dave Swarbrick
  8. Me With You – Dave Swarbrick
  9. The Hen’s March Through the Midden – traditional, arranged by Fairport Convention
  10. Furs and Feathers – Dave Swarbrick

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