In February 1973.


In February 1973, “Decca” label released “Back Up Against the Wall”, the second Atlanta Rhythm Section album. It was recorded in 1972, at “Studio One” in Doraville, Georgia, and was produced by Buddy Buie. “Back Up Against the Wall” was the first album with Ronnie Hammond on lead vocals.


  1. Barry Bailey – guitar, electric guitar
  2. Randall Bramblett – piano
  3. R. Cobb – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, steel guitar, vocals, slide guitar
  4. Dean Daughtry – organ, piano, electric piano
  5. Paul Goddard – bass guitar
  6. Ronnie Hammond – piano, vocals
  7. Al Kooper- synthesizer, ARP
  8. Robert Nix – drums, vocals
  9. Billy Lee Riley – harmonica
  10. Engineers: Bobby Langford, Rodney Mills
  11. Mixing: Rodney Mills
  12. Arranger: Buddy Buie
  13. Mike McCarty: cover design, illustrations

Track listing:

  1. Wrong – Buddy Buie, J.R. Cobb
  2. Cold Turkey, Tenn.- Robert Nix
  3. Will I Live On? – Dean Daughtry, Robert Nix
  4. A Livin’ Lovin’ Wreck – Otis Blackwell
  5. Superman – Delaney Bramblett
  6. What You Gonna Do About It? – Buddy Buie, Ronnie Hammond
  7. Conversation – Buddy Buie, J.R. Cobb
  8. Redneck – Joe South
  9. Make Me Believe It – Buddy Buie, Ronnie Hammond, Robert Nix
  10. Back up Against the Wall – Buddy Buie, J.R. Cobb
  11. It Must Be Love – R. Cobb, Dean Daughtry, Robert Nix

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