Roger Powell: Air Pocket


On January 30, 1980, “Bearsville Records” label released “Air Pocket”, the second Roger Powell album. It was recorded in 1979, at “Utopia Sound Studios”in Woodstock, NY, and was produced by Roger Powell. “Air Pocket” was voted the #1 album of 1980 by a reader poll in “Keyboard Magazine”


  • Roger Powell – synthesizer, keyboards
  • John Holbrook – rhythm guitar, engineer
  • Todd Rundgren – guitar
  • Mark Styles – keyboards
  • Cleve Pozar – drums

Track listing.

All tracks by Roger Powell.

  1. Lunar Plexus
  2. Landmark
  3. Air Pocket
  4. Windows
  5. Emergency Splashdown
  6. Morning Chorus
  7. March of the Dragonslayers
  8. Prophecy
  9. Sands of Arrakis
  10. Dragons “N’ Griffins/Mr Triscuits Theme
  11. Pipeline ‘76

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